Is An Area Rug Right For Me?

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Area rugs can be a powerful element of décor and fashion if you’re looking to make a statement or tie together the design of a room. This design tool can be used anywhere throughout the house, from the living room to the bedroom and even the bathroom, to enhance and change the appeal of an area. However, as the effects of an area rug can be so profound, it’s vital to understand if it’s a purchase you should make and which is the best one for you.

To guide you through this decision, the experts at Absolutely Rugs have explained the pros and cons of this product to see if an area rug is right for you. We have also covered the best way to find the ideal rug for your home.

The benefits of an area rug for home décor
Most area rugs are economical aesthetical investments so they can be purchased with ease. Their affordable nature also allows you to swap them for a new one over time, should you feel the need to. For example, if you plan to update the style or colour of your room, or in case the rug gets worn or damaged.

If you are worried about staining and cleaning your rug, you’ll be happy to know that the synthetic fiber rugs are nearly stainproof and usually just require spot cleaning. Another benefit of using area rugs is that they reduce noise. As area rugs are soft, they minimize sounds and add comfort and warmth to your room.

The challenges of an area rug for home décor
One of the main disadvantages of an area rug is that they attract dust magnets. Due to their textured surfaces, they trap dust particles, fur, and microbes. This makes it essential to dust or vacuum them regularly. One more trivial challenge you may face with an area rug is the wrinkles. When area rugs spend a long time rolled up tightly and plastic-wrapped, they get wrinkled. But once unwrapped, this will go away naturally just by laying it flat. If you want to speed up the process, you can have it steamed.

How to find the ideal area rug?
Identifying the perfect area rug for your home really depends on your preferences and budget.

If you prefer a soft and comfortable area rug, you’ll need to ask your area rug expert how soft the carpet pile is and how many points it is to know its density rating of stitches per square meter. Additionally, consider the patterns and designs of your room and see if you can find a rug at can add beautiful contrasts to this area of your home. You can again ask your rug expert for help, and they will narrow down your options so that you can make a choice.

When choosing an area rug, remember that these products can vary in price. That is from economical to very expensive depending on the type of fiber, size of the rug, and if it is machine-made or hand-made. All of these factors can change the price of an area rug drastically. So pay attention to the characteristics of a rug before purchasing it.

How to improve the life of your area rug?
Like any regular carpet, area rugs must also be cared for to improve their life and appeal. To appropriately care for your carpet, you’ll need to vacuum it regularly and carry out spot cleaning. Occasional steam cleaning is recommended too, if you want to lengthen the life of your rug.

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