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My new area rugs for hardwood floors and how they compliment my Furniture

Once you have decided to add a rug what should be your main considerations be. How do you determine the colours, design Pattern or solid? Appropriate size, material, style and colour palette. What’s size for the area and best placement? Should the furniture sit on or off? But with so many options how [...]

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Area rugs for dining rooms Colors and Palette Ideas

Alternatively when designing a new room select an area rug with colours and patterns you love as an inspirational, starting point and draw from its colour palette for your new paint and furnishing.

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What Color Combinations should I think about when choosing a traditional area rug?

Adding an area rug can be a quick and simple way to refresh and infuse style to an existing room. When you incorporate an area rug with the right colour combinations it will unify the elements in that space.

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What spaces can area rugs on clearance fit in?

Area rugs provide comfort and warmth when placed on solid surface flooring such as hardwoods, laminates and ceramics. They are used to define areas and divide spaces in a room or create a focal point and set the stage for furnishings layouts. Overall they are a multi functional décor element to fit into any space.

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How are contemporary area rugs a Design accessory?

With an almost limitless selection of styles, colours, sizes and price points available, area rugs are a perfect design accessory to address both the functional and esthetic elements of a design scheme and fit into virtually any budget.

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Why to consider Shag area rugs?

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to pull your room together and give it “that finished look” the way the designers do then consider adding an area rug. They are a great way to infuse style, punch and polish to both interior and outdoor spaces.

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Area Rug Size Guide for Living Rooms

Here is an illustration of what your area rug would look like depending on its measurements in your living area.

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So I sent my Husband this romantic picture...

I sent him this:He sent me this back (Not really amusing if you ask me)...Then I sent him one more:

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